Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chalkboard Children

Chalkboard children always messing with my shit. I never said anything, pretty sure about that. Used to speak, but only in secret verse. Always a laugh, subtle tear, haha. Go fuck yourself... oh no, Casanova just walked into the party. What could it all mean. I know! Really? Fuck yes. Hells no. But he's dressed more appropriately, and oh so appropriately. Is that a woman? Never. Really. A child in a room full of drunks, and I was thinking about Tuesday, last Tuesday. Did your Uncle sell you that stuff yet? What do you mean no? Oh you were kidding... thank God! Let's go. Oh, ok. But wait, I thought.... Oh fuck me. Nice tits, wrong answer. Lets go. Of course. Where was it, oh over there of course. Did she? No way! haha. Lets find her. OMG! Blur. Small kiss. Cute face. Chalkboard children be gettin' me all wrong. I never knew. Did you want to? I thought you were kidding. No but really I thought you were kidding. Whatever, right. I could. Maybe. Wait, who's that? Oh fuck. Let's get outta here.

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