Monday, 14 May 2012


My question was: how do I kill vanity. How do I distract myself from vanity, from insecurities? How can I rid myself of these discomforts so I can get to the core of me, and without personal distraction get work done; listen to anyone for once. And this I did ask you. You answered my question with a question and gave me a book about the east, I was amused with you're pretension. So I read you're book and did some traveling, I put my fingers in some interesting places. And now I realize what I was really trying to ask. And what I was asking was the answer to my peace. And I'm ashamed. Realizing this, I don't want your answer or anybodies, nor do I care for; not yet. So you were right when you said I didn't know what I was trying to figure out. And in trying to find the correct question I found myself more removed. I enjoy my confusion, and the confusion of my community. And it hurts most of the time, but I'll live in it without pride until it hurts too much. So lets take peace off the table, and I like my self-doubt, I also like hers tonight.There was a time in my life when a man told me he'd tell on me if I tried to steal a candy bar, he made sense so I put it back. I'll ask more questions later.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Google tits

Google tits and see what comes up. Kiss a naked form and figure how dance works. Slice skin and witness fake rhythms. Move faster than anyone could. Fall apart in front of crowds for no reason. Tell experts their wrong and that nothing they say makes sense. Care more about your joke than anything else. Stay hard and laughing behind your kid eyes. Make less sense than more. Swing like Elvis and trees. Kiss the wood before and while it rots. Think of little things and only little things. Never have a punch line. Piss people off and always acknowledge that they have nipples. Never find an ending.And keep going for as long you cam, and reaallu ebtil ppl tell ou to stop talking and if you can then do. Smile like they do in those good movies where they could find it all after a series of pretty grand dramatic actions. make sure to watch everything and then grow old.


Ask me more questions. I'll be be able to answer all of them. I  know more than I own. I could kiss any girl for magnetism, always feeling short-changed. And I'm an addict, but not worried . I miss more friends than I have, and I care less than I ever had about anything. I just need a drink and for your tits to stop talking I already told you how I felt about my ideas. You said "nothing is epic and that the baseball kids are starting to make sense", but I still like my poetry.