Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Tell me I'm wrong about everything, even somethings. I'll give you a million reasons and at least an ear full for being right. You kids are too proud, always feeling a need to be so. Always feeling a need to shit on other peoples wedding cakes. First world problems. I don't feel bad that you feel guilty. I don't care to listen to your EP. I often wish there were less people in this world, so I could sit with the with the content. I hate your ambition, and I hate whatever it is you're proud of tonight. I know you'll lose your shit tomorrow and turn your back on everything that made you somewhat anything. Re-invent yourself I could care less. I've got shitheads and porn girlfriends. And they don't make me ashamed and I only cry when I think how guilty you'll make me feel. And yes I've fucked up, a million reasons for shame, and I'm sorry.

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