Monday, 29 October 2012

Lana Del Rey

Hey Old man... stop complaing about how much the National Post costs. And you're giving me that condescending smile again. You're uncomfortable around me, you don't get it. Which is OK, neither do I. You're all pissed because you should have fucked a twink like me when you were my age, now you're all washed up and blaming the garabge from yesterday on me; on us. And us is that girl that I'm shivering with in the corner. Did you notice that we were trying to build a home. No of course not because you're shitty. I don't have to look up to you, I put shoes on my feet this morning. Old people like you invented my generation, and we're not really revolting, but let us have it.You should think twice next time you shit.

But anyways I was trying to listen to Lana Del Rey.

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